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New Mexico State University
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This is the Media Production's development page. All the following links are to projects that are under development. These are not the final products and are for internal use only. If you come across this site accidentally, please refrain from using this information as it may not pertain to your area of need.

Projects Under Development
completed projects | cancelled projects


Delaware Food Safety

Infographics (Food Safety)

Innoventure Jr

Navajo Plant Tool

Soil Animations

Night of the Living Debt - Financial Literacy

Non-Thermal Animations

Virtual labs 2

  • Create iOS apps

Science of Agriculture (Soil Science 2 Sorption)


Lung Cancer Screening Decision Aid

Chemistry in Agriculture Animations

Chemistry in Agriculture Interactives



Math Snacks

Mathsnacks2015 Website design


Mathsnacks Miscellaneous


  • scalev6
  • Zinkicide

    Development Versions: do not use for testing.

    Current Versions for testing as of 5.7.14

    Mathsnacks English Animations

    Mathsnacks English Games

    Mathsnacks Spanish Animations

    Mathsnacks Spanish Games

    For Download



    Completed Projects
    projects under development | cancelled projects

    National 4-H Animal Record Book App

    Beef Jerky

    Food Safety project Don't Be Gross

    1. Audio TEST 1
    2. Audio TEST 2
    3. Audio TEST 3

    Power Pay app

    Soil Science

    UTEP Diabetes Project

    Eat Move-o-Matic (Eat Move Learn 4H)

    Tread-sylvania ATV

    Virtual Lab

    Carve Your Path

    Carve Your Path App for helping kids build careers

    Soil Science

    Soil Snacks - Current Live Page

    Ninja Kitchen

    Fresh Produce Safety Initiative

    Horse Safety

    Fruit Safety

    iTunes U Progress Tables

    Cancelled Projects
    projects under development | completed projects

    Kids for Health, Nutridom, Facebook app

    This is the White House contest to develop tool or game promoting healthy eating...