• Atlantean Dodgeball
    Atlantean Dodgeball - ratios and differences
  • Bad Date
    Bad Date - ratios
  • Number Rights
    Number Rights - fractions and decimals on number line
  • Overruled!
    Overruled! - measurement and proportions
  • Ratey the Math Cat
    Ratey the Math Cat - unit rates
  • Scale Ella
    Scale Ella - scale factor
  • Go Go Gopher
    Game Over Gopher Game - coordinate pairs
  • Monster School Bus
    Monster School Bus - base ten, decimals and operations
  • Pearl Diver
    Pearl Diver - fractions and decimals on number line
  • Ratio Rumble
    Ratio Rumble - ratios
  • Gate
    Gate - Building numbers and place value
Online Games
  • Ratio Rumble
    Ratio Rumble - Create potions. Learn Ratios.
  • Video player
    Math Snacks Video Player - iOS App includes all Math Snacks animations and learner guides.
  • Pearl Diver
    Pearl Diver - fractions and decimals on number line
iOS Apps
  • Math Snacks teaches mathematics in a very different using short animations and online and mobile mini-games designed. While Math Snacks are designed for middle school, they address content and have been used by students in grade 3 – 8.
    kids playing games Using Math Snacks on mobile devices, like the iPad, helps kids take the learning on the go. iPads and iPods are also great classroom tools, when you can't take the entire class to a computer lab.
    developing games Mathematicians, math educators, artists, and game developers work collaboratively to create games and animations that teach math in a different way.
    print materials Math Snacks include learner guides kids can use and teacher guides to transfer a conceptual understanding to math problem solving. Teacher guides and printed transcripts of each animation are also available.
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