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Working Title: Anthropometrics Project

Below is a list of all available versions to examine.

Date Version Notes Play
11-4-2015 CC-37 Typo fixes. Removed duplicate Previous button. Play
11-2-2015 CC-36 Chart update. Credits update. Minor script edit to Aaron. Play
10-6-2015 CC-35 Minor typo fixes. Play
10-2-2015 CC-34 New charts. Play
10-2-2015 CC-33 New charts. Play
8-31-2015 CC-32 Changes from Pam to address consistency. Typo fixes. Play
8-19-2015 CC-31 Changes from Phil to address some chart and info box issues. Play
8-17-2015 CC-30 Changes from Amy. New Hamwi chart. Play
8-14-2015 CC-29 Text changes, mostly minor grammatical stuff. Resized nurse's speech box to accommodate button placement request. Play
8-13-2015 CC-28 Several requested fixes, including shoes coming off, chart fixes, added pauses for some places, etc. Play
8-10-2015 CC-27 First draft of this round of changes. Includes many changes, but should be playable through entire lab. Some parts may be suboptimal and/or missing; see reference email for more detail. Play
8-7-2015 CC-26 All paths now broken except for Joe in preparation of changing UI. This version shows a sample of the UI setup for the Joe path with the previous buttons and the different positions of the "More Info" UI. Play
6-15-2015 CC-25 More updates to BMI charts. Play
6-15-2015 CC-24 Updates to BMI charts. Play
6-15-2015 CC-23 Updates with two new charts from Phil. Tweaks to chart placement. Play
6-15-2015 CC-22 Updates with new charts from Phil. Play
6-4-2015 CC-21 Fixes to background charts animating. A few cosmetic tweaks. Play
5-12-2015 CC-20 Some new chart changes from Phil. Play
5-12-2015 CC-19 Incorporated most of Phil's changes. Play
5-11-2015 CC-18 Fixed game-breaking bugs from previous version. Play
3-26-2015 CC-17 Graphical tweaks requested by Phil/Pamela. Play
2-11-2015 CC-16 New graphics from Phil integrated. Title screen. Play
2-4-2015 CC-15 Fix to some text getting cut off. Play
2-3-2015 CC-14 Added body frame types chart Play
2-3-2015 CC-13 Minor nav fixes Play
1-29-2015 CC-12 Bug fix for getting stuck on Paul, Update to Susan's intro text Play
1-29-2015 CC-11 Changes to Aaron's path Play
1-29-2015 CC-10 Changes to Paul's path Play
1-29-2015 CC-9 Round of changes from Michelle Play
1-29-2015 CC-8 Credits page Play
1-27-2015 CC-7 Fixes for Joe Path Play
1-27-2015 CC-6 Fixes for Lindsey Path Play
1-26-2015 CC-5 Fixes for Susan Path Play
1-21-2015 CC-4 First playable for Joe and Paul paths Play
1-20-2015 CC-3 First playable for Aaron path Play
1-16-2015 CC-2 First playable for Susan path Play
1-15-2015 CC-1 First playable for Lindsey path Play
10-9-2014 v6 Chapter controls. Play
10-2-2014 v5 Chapter controls. Play
8-8-2014 v2 Additional patient. Play
7-7-2014 v2 Additional patient. Play
6-15-2014 v1 Initial commit. Play