08/15/11: Exploration into the microbial reduction capabilities of chlorine dioxide on baby spinach have begun. These studies should allow for the development of a model which describes both the microbial reduction and effects on quality, as a result of varying chlorine dioxide concentration and length of exposure.

03/16/11: Preliminary research has begun to test the effects of gaseous chlorine dioxide on quality parameters of spinach leaves.

01/20/11: New fact sheet discussing the advantages of gaseous sanitizers over liquid sanitizers will be published shortly.

12/12/10: Sanitation equipment to test the effectiveness of gaseous chlorine dioxide on fresh produce is due to arrive from Natick, MA in the near future. A variety of leafy greens will be used as samples in the sterilization trials conducted, due to the increased difficulty of sanitizing these products. Detailed reports will be published and shared with the public.


The aim of the Fresh Produce Safety Initiative is to develop and spread awareness about newly developed processing techniques for fresh fruits and vegetables. It is the goal of those involved at Ohio State, Iowa State, and New Mexico State University to ensure the public as a whole is more accurately informed in regards to fresh produce safety. This site will provide a compilation of research from the three universities and outside sources as they become available. Educational material and training workshops will be targeted towards growers, retailers, produce processors, and consumers, in an attempt to create a safer food supply for us all.

Upcoming Training and Events
4-1-12 Leesburg, VA - Fresh Produce Safety short course